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Novell Netware File System

The Novell NetWare File system consists of servers including storage systems that have one or more volumes of information. The first volume on a server is called SYS. Additional volumes can be assigned a name of choice, such as VOL1, VOL2, and so on. Each volume has its own directory structure.

A NetWare volume has a highest level of storage in the NetWare filing system. It is a physical amount of hard disk storage space. You can edit (expand or contract) by adding more physical disk space and making it a part of any existing volume. Volumes appear as objects in the NDS (Novell Directory Services) directory tree, so they are easy to locate by administrators and users from anywhere on the network.



The NetWare UFS (Universal File System) provides many performance-enhancing features as described here:

  • Elevator seeking    Prioritizes incoming read requests according to how they can best be accessed by the read head in relation to its current location
  • File caching    Minimizes the number of times the disk is accessed by holding commonly accessed information in memory
  • Background writes    Handles disk writes separately from disk reads so that data is written to disk when disk requests from users have minimized
  • Overlapped seeks    Improves read performance if two or more hard disks are connected to their own controller (disk channel) by allowing NetWare to access each controller simultaneously
  • Turbo FAT    Indexes the file allocation tables of files over 2MB so that the locations of their segments are immediately available
  • File compression    Increases disk space by up to 63 percent by compressing files as a background process
  • Block sub allocation    Maximizes disk space by allocating partial disk blocks to small files


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