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Windows File System

Windows file system is the most commonly used operating system used by professionals, individuals because of its ease of use. The windows file system FAT and NTFS are used on Windows operating system and often get damaged, corrupt due to partition errors, partition deletions, virus attacks, fire-water damage, human errors, FAT corruptions, MFT corruptions, boot sector corruptions etc. We constantly try to recover back your lost data from the windows file system.

The FAT and NTFS file systems are carefully analysed for data and every trace of data is restored by our qualified professionals. Trust our data recovery professionals when you need to recover data from the windows file system. such as:


  • System corruption
  • Virus attack
  • corruption of file system
  • blue screen error
  • un-mountable device error
  • Corruption of Windows Registry
  • Accidental data deletion or reformat
  • Ghost wrong partition



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