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Reseller Program

The reseller program is the perfect solution for Computer repair and system integration firms around the world to enhance their value-added services to their clients.

Did you know that when you search the internet for data recovery services the majority of companies out there offering this service are actually reselling the service?

There are a handful of quality labs out there that actually do the work required to successfully recover data from a physically damaged hard drive.

Asia Data Recovery Centre offers a reseller package to computer service companies and consultants.
This is a great opportunity to increase your companies' service offerings and develop an extra source of revenue with very little effort on your part.

There are 2 options for you to choose from.

1)  Referral Program:

Our referral program is simple. Just email us with your customers information and we'll contact them and take care of everything from there. This way we know the customer was referred by you and once the recovery has been deemed a success we will send you a check for 25% of the cost of the recovery.

2)  Co-branding Program

With our Co-branding program your customer direct deal with you, but media will be deliver to our lab for evaluation (by our pickup service)
Now you have a new/ high demand service to offer from your web site.
You receive our reseller discount and mark up the service for your customer as you see fit.
The billing is run through your company and you handle the customer service.

Email us for more details on this offer.





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