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Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data Recovery process and services render many questions that people want to ask. As, data loss is the most critical point in virtual reality, hence every one is more cautious to get their queries answered. Here we have collected all the basic queries regarding Data Recovery to facilitate you during data recovery process.
What is Data Recovery?
Data Recovery is a process of recovering the data from hardware or software components after various data disasters.  Data access becomes void after some disaster and special data recovery techniques are usually needed to access this lost data again.
Why I lost my data?
Data Loss can occur due to many reasons. Various disasters can strike your computing machine or data such as Corrupted hardware or software, system errors, virus and Spyware attack and various other natural disasters.
How can I prevent Data Loss?
Data Loss can be prevented by creating and managing regular data backups, preferably at remote location. Every computing machine is prone to disasters. Hence, prevention is the best cure of any type of data loss.
If my machine or disk gets corrupted, what should I do?
This is a high alert scenario for the safety of you disk and data. Stop using the machine to prevent any further damage or data loss. Write down all the symptoms and the data files and folders that seems to be missing. Do not open format the drive, as it can create permanent bad sectors on the hard disk.
Storage device should also be not used, as it can damage the physical drives. Try not to install or uninstall any software or to create any new file on the hard disk.
Its better to seek advice from a Data Recovery expert. You can call our Contact Us for free evaluation. Then later you can work upon the price quote demanded and the extent of your problem.
Is data recovery expensive if we consult professional services?
As Data Recovery is labor extensive job, hence it seems to be extensive. But the data recovery process carried out at home can prove to be damaging. Since, Data Recovery professionals are fully equipped with techniques to recover data and to restore it. Otherwise, your precious data can be lost for ever. Apart from these the time taken to recover the lost data is much less than the time taken to recreate the files.
Can all data be retrieved?
Unfortunately, answer to this question is No. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that retrieving each bit and byte of data become s almost impossible for example if a data storage tape gets fire, its impossible to recover data completely. But otherwise for most of the data disasters that happen, data recovery success rate is up to 90%.
How long the whole Data Recovery Process takes?
It depends totally on the extent of the damage your machine is suffering from. But normally from 1 to 5 working days are taken to recover and restore your crucial data. 

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