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Data Recovery - Quantum Hard Drives

Quantum hard disk drives (HDD) target mainly the desktop and enterprise clientele. Quantum’s designed hard drives provide exceptional performance and reliability for workstations , servers and storage subsystems.

Desktop Storage

Quantum has introduced many hard drive models for the desktop storage purposes. These hard drives are basically based on Fast ATA-2, ATA/4, Ultra ATA/66 and SCSI-2 interfaces, with varied capacity ranging from 540 MB to 30 GB and rotational speed up to 7200 RPM. Different models of Quantum desktop storage drives include Bigfoot, Daytona, Europa, Fireball, GO, HardCard, LPS, Lightning, Maverick, Pioneer SG, ProDrive, Q500, Sirocco and Trailblazer.

Enterprise Storage

For enterprise storage purposes, Quantum hard drives are considered significant in providing high capacities, rotational speeds and low seek times. Quantum Atlas?10K disk drives come with huge capacities of up to 36.4 GB, a 10,000 RPM rotational speed, a 5.0 millisecond (ms) seek time, and a 315 mega-bit-per-second (Mb/sec) internal transfer rate, which set a new standard of performance for enterprise and workstation drive. Quantum’s Enterprise hard drives provide superior shock durability and reliability with the breakthrough Shock Protection System (SPS), which guards against one of the leading causes of hard disk failure ?mistreatment during handling and integration. To manage their incredible throughput, Atlas series drives feature the most modern and advanced interface Ultra160 SCSI that is first backward-compatible interface. These hard drives come with varied capacities ranging from 540 MB to 36.4 GB and rotational speed up to 10,000 RPM. Ultra SCSI-31 , Ultra160 SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, Ultra SCSI 68-pin Wide, SCSI 80-pin SCA-2 are different interface options. Different models of Quantum enterprise storage drives include Atlas series, Capella, DSP, Empire, Fireball series, Grand Prix, Lightning, Maverick, ProDrive, Saturn, Trailblazer and Viking.


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