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Data Recovery - Samsung Hard Drives

Samsung Hard Disk Drives come in five main series. These series comply with Desktop to mobile environments and equally possess room for high streaming environments as game consoles. It provides all the drive features needed to store and play back a limitless amount of digital media content on the web. Samsung newly introduces 3 disk technology to exceed PC users¡¯ expectation.

SpinPoint T Series

SpinPoint T133 Series is supported by 3 disk technology.  In SpinPoint T series, four hard disk drive models are available as LD and LJ. This series mainly provide 300-400 GB of capacity, 7200 RPM rotational speed and use ATA-6 or Serial ATA 3.0 interface. SpinPoint T series is designed using the High Speed Dual Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Based Architecture.

SpinPoint P Series

Samsung has adopted the new interface Serial ATA for designing hard disk drives, also providing Ultra ATA 133 compatibility. The capacity of SpinPoint P series hard drives range from 80 GB to 160 GB.  SpinPoint P series is based on High Speed Dual Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Based Architecture.

SpinPoint M Series

SpinPoint M series hard disk drives are specially designed for Mobile PCs. It is fast and reliable with 5400rpm spin speed and 8MB buffer.  The capacity ranges from 30, 40, 60 and 180 GB, with a formatted capacity of 40 GB.  It embeds three technologies within its sleek structure which are Load/Unload Technology, GMR Head Technology with Wireless Suspension Design and Silentec Hybrid Latch Technology. HM models under SpinPoint M series provide the same technologies embedded into a bigger drive for PC users. Thus, increasing the noise suppression and lowering s power consumption with the leading-edge technology.

SpinPoint V Series

SpinPoint V series provide you with optimized Hard disk drive for CE environment. Its formatted capacity is 160 GB and comes with Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology. It¡¯s best suitable for PVR, HDTV, Set-top Box, DVD Recorder, Game Consoles and Home Media Server. A limitless amount of digital media content on the web can be stored and played when SpinPoint V series is attached to your computing machine.


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